Provided Services


Is your bike running a little rough, or does your bike need some major attention? We only staff highly experienced bike shop experts to help our customers.

Conveniently Located at 457 North Alafaya Trail Orlando, Florida 32828


Our bike shop service highlights include:

  • Basic Tune-Up: Inspection, lubrication and precision adjustment keep your bike ready to ride.
  • Overhaul: Thorough inspection, dis-assembly, cleaning, lubrication, reassembly and adjustment of most major components including bearing systems.
  • Complete Wheel-service and repair: Spoke replacement, fix hubs, and balance spoke tension.
  • Fit Service: Personal bike fitting at the time of purchase.
  • Other repairs services: flat tire, derailleurs and brake adjustment, chain repairs or replacement, cables and bearing system repairs….and more.

Call (407)-482-9111 to make an appointment or stop by our store for more information.